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Frank Allen introducing John McNally onstage

Amazing as it may seem - still walking and talking - we have the founder member: John McNally. (applause)This is a man who needs to be admired: He started out with nothing and he still got most of it left. (laughs from audience)
We played a song just now,  Mr Tambourine Man, and when we sing that it really reminds us how the time flies because that was written by Bob Dylan. Do you realize Bob Dylan is now in his Seventies... (inaudible)... I think that is amazing. Can you imagine someone still doing this in his Seventies?" (looks to John who actually is Seventy years old)

(Great Yarmouth, Aug 7, transcription)

The Searchers, Great Yarmouth, Britannia Pier, August 7, 2012

01 Introduction (backing track)
02 Sugar And Spice / Da Doo Ron Ron
03 Beach Baby
04 All My Sorrows (aka All My Trials)
05 Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
06 Sweets For My Sweet
07 Mr Tambourine Man
08 Four Strong Winds
09 Dont Throw Your Love Away
10 Runaway
11 Take It Or Leave It
12 Someday We're Gonna Love Again – Aint Gonna Kiss Ya – Saturday Night Out
13 Running Scared
14 Seven Nights To Rock

Intermission (20 min)

15 Introduction (backing track) / Have You Ever Loved Somebody
16 Hearts In Their Eyes
17 Somebody Told Me You Were Crying
18 Take Me For What I'm Worth
19 What Have They Done To The Rain
20 Love Potion Number Nine
21 The Rose
22 Young Girl
23 Needles And Pins
24 When You Walk In The Room
25 Rocking All Over The World
26 You'll Never Walk Alone
27 Closing Medley
28 Outro




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